The Pink Ninja

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I’m the pink ninja, I’m here to help. I am the assistant you’ll never see, here to make your life easier.

Have you ever:

  • Needed a few more hours in your day?
  • Wanted to focus on what you do best?
  • Wanted to spend more time with friends and family?
  • Wanted to have a couple of hours away from work?

Running your own business can be time consuming and I’m sure that time spent editing websites or researching the cheapest prices for one thing or another could be much better spent doing what you do best which is focusing on your main business objectives.
Well, let me help you! As your virtual assistant I can give these hours back to you, I offer tailor made packages to suit your needs just some of the things I can take off your work load are read more...

I can try and help out with almost any other tasks you throw my way; if you need me to I can find you the best price for your husband/wife’s favourite perfume and where you can buy it! It doesn’t always have to be about work but anything which will make your life easier.
Not only do I offer VA services but I can also help you with design work, from leaflets, flyers and logo design right through to wordpress websites! Contact me for more details.

The Pink Ninja Virtual Assistant


"The work was completed in super quick time, and in 2 languages!!!"  read more..


  • Online research and ordering
  • Website editing or updating
  • Social media management
  • Word processing and power points
  • Letter writing
  • Class registers
  • Newsletters
  • Venue bookings
  • Travel arrangements
  • Letters and emails to clients
  • Business card and flyer design
  • Video editing


Jayne Usher